• Indicator of a Respiratory Safety Revolution

    So deeply ingrained in our lives, indicators are taken for granted, and yet they are so useful that we can’t recall life without them.

    Indicator of a Respiratory Safety Revolution
  • Protect precious eyesight

    With countless innovations in the safety industry, 3M Science is making life easier, better and more complete for people around the world.

    Protect precious eyesight
  • Noise induced hearing loss is 100% preventable

    Every employee is different. Every job is different. Every ear is different. Finding each employee’s Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) will help you have assurance that worker’s hearing is protected and you are compliant with the law.

    Noise induced hearing loss is 100% preventable
  • Helping workers return home safely and live healthier lives

    3M has acquired Capital Safety, a leading provider of fall protection equipment under the well-known DBI-SALA® and Protecta® brands.

    Helping workers return home safely and live healthier lives
  • Asbestos

    Some forms of carcinogens may surprise you. How can you tell whether you're at risk?

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  • Protect your hearing. Enjoy the sounds you love.

    In a noisy world, 3M helps protect your hearing.

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Worker Health and Safety

3M provides safety solutions that improve comfort while helping employers increase compliance. Across diverse industries and applications our technology, expertise, and energy drive innovative solutions to help you control your environment so you can focus on the job at hand. 3M Science helps you get smarter about safety.

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Product Categories

  • 3M Organic Vapour Service Life Indicator Cartridges 6000i Series

    3M™ Organic Vapour Service Life Indicator Cartridges 6000i Series

    Taking the guess work out of the question, "When should I change my cartridges?" This simple, visual tool can help users determine when to change cartridges.

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  • Anti-fog technology

    Anti-fog technology. Applied to help workers see clearly, longer.

    A fogged lens can be frustrating and dangerous. Removing eyewear to wipe away fog can expose eyes to potentially dangerous workplace impact hazards and debris. The Scotchgard™ Anti-Fog Coating resists fogging longer than traditional anti-fog coatings, even after washing multiple times.

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3M Safety App

  • 3M Safety App

    A safer world made easier. Simplifying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help you better understand your safety needs. Sort. Select. Share.

    Available for iPhone and iPad. Download for free on the App Store.

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About 3M Personal Safety Division

At 3M, we are experts in helping to keep your environment safe in a changing world. From safety glasses, ear plugs and safety vests to hearing protection reflective tape and safety harnesses, we share your goal of keeping people safe. We develop our personal protective equipment (PPE) based on decades of industry experience and a deep knowledge of industry standards.

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  • CSA

    Many of the 3M™ Safety Products are CSA approved. The CSA mark indicates the product was tested and has met the association's certification requirements. Look for the CSA mark or number in the product detail page. For more information please visit CSA.ca.

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