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Abstracting and analytics

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3M’s data collection and reporting tool can help you reduce costs, enhance clinical outcomes and improve patient and provider satisfaction by offering an integrated, flexible, departmental information system for patient care and information management.

What you need to know about abstracting

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    Discharge Abstract Database (DAD)

    Our DAD abstracting module allows coders to capture and submit all required data to the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI). It is integrated with CMG+ Grouper, as well as the Ontario HIG Grouper.

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    National Ambulatory Care Reporting Systems (NACRS)

    Our NACRS abstracting module allows coders to capture the outpatient data (including ER visits, and day surgery) required for submission to CIHI. It is integrated with CACS Grouper.

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    The 3M Data Submission Tool uses coded data to create analytical reports on quality-based procedures (QBP), data quality, and performance management.

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    Custom Edits

    3M™ Health Data Management (HDM) abstracting system helps to ensure no required information is omitted while the coder is still in the patient's record. In addition to the CIHI Edits, our HDM system also includes built-in data quality edits, and site-specific edits.

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    3M's ad hoc reporter gives the user the ability to design and generate predefined or custom reports, thus reducing the time it takes to analyze data.

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More than a powerful abstractor, it functions as a centralized coding data repository to help organize your coding team.

Solutions for abstracting

  • The 3M™ Health Data Management System is a set of tools for collecting, storing, analyzing, and reporting on patient information. HDM products support decisions about health record management, case management, and other aspects of patient care in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

  • 3M offers two levels of HDM reporter training through a comprehensive webinar series. Our first level of training provides beginners with the basic skills needed to create reports. The next level of training provides more experienced report writers with advanced skills.

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