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Biopharmaceutical purification

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At 3M, we understand there’s tremendous pressure to increase speed to clinicals and lower manufacturing costs. Like you, we’re scientists and engineers devoted to increasing the number and availability of life-saving pharmaceuticals. We’ll work with you to optimize your processes, applying our biopharma experience, material science and proprietary technologies to help you develop highly effective purification solutions.

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Biopharmaceutical processing applications

  • Recombinant proteins

    Build better, more efficient recombinant protein purification processes with solutions that allow process compression and enhanced drug recovery.

  • Vaccines

    Design and develop manufacturing processes for virus-like particles. 3M products are designed for impurity removal in harvest and clarification which help maximize downstream purity.

  • Plasma fractionation

    For over 30 years 3M has offered a range of blood plasma fractionation products including depth filters, chromotography products, and membrane products.

  • Chemical pharmaceuticals

    Adsorptive depth filters and membrane filters that may be used for a range of applications including catalyst removal and recovery, colour removal, particulate filtration and fill-finish.

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A variety of filters and housings of different sizes, used for bioprocessing.

3M filters and housings for bioprocessing

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Industry awards

  • The 2017 Frost and Sullivan Global Biologics Product Leadership Award.

    3M™ Emphaze™ AEX Hybrid Purifier recognized as global product leader

    2017 Frost & Sullivan Global Biologics Product Leadership Award. With its next generation technology product, the 3M™ Emphaze™ AEX Hybrid Purifier, 3M demonstrates leadership in meeting specific customer needs.

  • The 2018 Minnesota Tekne Biotech/Pharmaceutical Award.

    3M™ Emphaze™ AEX Hybrid Purifier recognized at MN Tekne Award

    2018 Minnesota Tekne Biotech/Pharmaceutical Award. MN Tekne Awards celebrate innovation and pioneering efforts in biotechnology or pharmaceuticals to provide game-changing advancement in the healthcare field.

    Learn more about MN Tekne Awards (English only)

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Need help streamlining your process?

3M experts will work with you to help find the optimal 3M purification and filtration solution for your application.

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