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Chemical pharmaceutical manufacturing

Products and services to help pharmaceutical manufacturers ensure they meet regulatory compliance requirements for the industry.

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Product categories for the chemical active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing

Products that meet the needs of most demanding pharmaceutical manufacturing applications for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Our extensive line of advanced filter and membrane-based separation products conform to regulatory standards. 3M filtration products are designed for the removal of impurities to help you manufacture the highest-quality pharmaceutical products.

  • A variety of of cylindrical and disc shaped activated carbon filters.
    Activated carbon filters

    To optimize colour reduction, removal of contaminants and recovery of catalysts, our activated carbon filter media is available in different pore size ratings and each with multiple grades of carbon.

  • A variety of cylindrical depth filters of various sizes.
    Depth filters

    Economical and easy to use, 3M™ Zeta Plus™ Depth Filters are optimized for filtering fluid streams from chemical reactors. They are composed of an inorganic filter aid, cellulose and a binder resin, which removes process impurities while providing high levels of product purity.

  • Four cylindrical membrane filters.
    Membrane filters

    Our membrane filters offer high throughputs and low pressure drops, while also offering validated reduction in microbial load. 3M filters are ideal for 0.2 µm membrane for in-process and final filtration formulation, and fill-finish operations of pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

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Featured applications for the chemical API manufacturing process

3M helps meet regulatory requirements for advanced filtration technologies that address applications for small molecule and active pharmaceutical ingredient production.

  • A scientist pipetting liquid into a test tube.
    Adsorptive depth filtration

    Remove impurities, cell debris and colloids from harvested cell culture liquid manufacturing processes.

  • A microscopic rendering of microrganisms in a liquid.
    Bioburden filtration

    Get high throughput and product yield, long service life and effective protection of downstream sterilizing grade filters, resulting in microorganism and fine particle control.

  • A scientist performing bulk chemical filtration in a lab.
    Bulk chemical filtration

    Available in filtration ratings ranging from coarse to fine, and are compatibile with a wide range of chemical solvents providing excellent filtration against particulate and contaminants.

  • A lab worker pouring liquid into a beaker.
    Catalyst removal

    3M™ Zeta Plus™ Activated Carbon Systems effectively remove precious metal catalysts from the process stream and help protect the operator from potentially hazardous organic materials.

  • A scientist looking at a Florence Flask containing green liquid.
    Colour removal

    3M™ Zeta Plus™ Activated Carbon filters help remove colour impurities from API manufacturing, typically derived from chemical reactions that produce coloured by-products. These coloured by-products must be removed to maintain drug purity.

  • A diagram showing negatively charged endotoxins attaching to positive-charged filtration media.
    Endotoxin removal

    Endotoxins, which are negatively charged parts of bacterial cell walls, can cause a pyrogenic reaction. Our positive-charged filtration media can remove endotoxins, which is essential in biopharmaceutical products.

  • A close up of a rack of test tubes with blue liquid.
    Solvent filtration
    Pharmaceutical products can be synthesized using chemical reactions that involve solvents like alcohol, acetone and methylene chloride. Your process integrity and overall product quality depend on filtering these with the right 3M filtration products.
  • A scientist pipetting red liquid into a beaker.
    Sterilizing grade filtration

    Sterilizing grade filters of different membrane materials and pore sizes are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing for the removal of mycoplasma and complete removal of microorganisms from process liquids.

  • An Erlenmeyer flask with an air filter.
    Vent and air filtration

    3M sterile air filters can be used for filtering inlet and outlet air in a number of critical locations such as tank vents, lyophilizers, bioreactors/fermenters and autoclaves. They are also important for providing sterile air to bioreactors and filling machines.

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