Bonding and Assembly Resources

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Find the right bonding product for your application, whether your project uses plastic, composites, metal or virtually any other substrate. 3M design specialists can provide additional insight into relevant products, recommendations tailored to your specific needs, and product samples that allow you to test products for performance.

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Bonding and assembly solutions

Have a question about how 3M adhesives and tapes can improve your manufacturing assembly processes and help make your design vision a reality?

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  • Bonding dissimilar materials

    Find the best ways to join dissimilar materials and hard to bond substrates using 3M Adhesives and Tapes.

  • Bonding composite materials and lightweighting

    Reducing product weight can lower manufacturing costs, improve energy consumption, and enhance aesthetics. 3M design specialists can help.

  • Increase production efficiency

    3M makes efficiency a sticking point. See how manufacturers in various industries are using 3M Adhesives and Tapes to help improve efficiency, reduce labour costs, and increase production throughput.

  • High temperature

    Take on the most demanding high temperature applications with adhesives and tapes.

Bonding and assembly products

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  • Laminating adhesives

    Easily die cut and conform to the most complicated contours of your design with 3M's pressure sensitive adhesives.

  • 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesives

    We carry the load so you don't have to. Our product formulations offer our highest strength to withstand prolonged stress in even tough environments. And production boosters that can help save you time, labour and overall costs.

  • 3M™ VHB™ Tape

    3M™ VHB™ Tape is a high strength, double-sided acrylic adhesive tape. The pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) creates an instant bond without any drying time required.

  • Adhesive sealants

    When you need to protect it — really protect it, depend on 3M Adhesive Sealants.

  • Reclosable fasteners

    For removable parts that need a strong attachment and easy separation, use 3M’s non-mechanical fasteners that are easy to use, dependable and convenient.

  • Hot melt adhesives

    Improve productivity and aesthetics while lowering costs and minimizing waste with the 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive System, a fast, convenient, long-lasting bond.

  • Spray adhesives

    Improve productivity and aesthetics while lowering costs and minimizing waste with the 3M™ Spray Adhesives, an environmentally friendly and virtually odourless bonding solution.

Common bonding and assembly types

  • Panel-to-frame

    Permanently bond panels to rigid frames. Maintain elasticity for dynamic loads or to allow for expansion when temperatures change. 3M Brand tapes, adhesives, sealers and fasteners offer a range of products for panel-to-frame and stiffener-to-panel applications.

  • Small joint assembly

    Massive strength in small places. 3M Brand small joint assembly product solutions hold tight and last longer.

  • Large surface lamination

    Seal the deal with product solutions that stop shearing and peeling and maintain flexibility.

  • Mounting and trim attachment

    A beautiful hold, every time. The perfect tools for stylish performance.

  • Gasketing

    Keep fluids in their place and out of your space.

  • Potting and encapsulating

    3M Brand potting and encapsulating product solutions for ultimate protection.

An expert using the 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive DP420 on a piece of metal.

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Bonding and assembly resources

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