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Make dust extraction a priority for a cleaner and more efficient shop. The Total Automotive Sanding System’s mobile dust extractor reduces the amount of dust in the air, meaning less expensive rework and less wasted time.

Behold the benefits of an optimized system

Engineered to support the ongoing need for cleaner, safer, more efficient and profitable shops, the Total Automotive Sanding System combines best-in-class 3M abrasives with premium power tools and dust extraction solutions from Festool Automotive Systems. The result is one of the most effective and comprehensive surface preparation and finishing systems in the automotive collision repair industry.

Automotive applications

  • Less dust. More efficiency.

  • Faster cutting. Less rework.

  • Cleaner workspace. Finer finish.

Less dust. More efficiency.

When it comes to improving the cleanliness of your body shop, proper dust extraction can’t be an afterthought. Efficient design means less rework. And that’s exactly what the Total Automotive Sanding System brings to the automotive repair industry.




  • How does it work?

    The system’s mobile dust extractor collects dust as it’s made, preventing particles from lingering in the air or landing on unwanted surfaces, such as a freshly painted car. Less dust means less wasted time.

  • Dusts generated in auto body shops typically are complex mixtures of different substances. Some types of dust are more hazardous than others. Dust from vehicle paint and/or metal surfaces may contain hazardous substances such as lead, chromium, or other heavy metals. Even relatively non-hazardous dusts, if inhaled in large enough quantities, over time, may result in health hazards. OSHA and other regulatory agencies set occupational exposure limits (OELs) for many specific hazardous substances that may be found in dust, as well as for generic dusts. Dust extraction can help in keeping airborne dust concentrations at safe levels (ie. below OELs). OSHA, NIOSH and EPA recommend the use of vacuum sanders to control dust during sanding to reduce potential workplace exposures.

  • Dust can linger in the air for a few days—even up to a few weeks. Using a broom pushes dust around the shop, sending more particles into the air and onto clothing. Vacuums collect dust before it is dispersed into the air. While there are multiple things to consider as part of a shop’s safety program, reducing the dust in the air from sanding is generally considered a smart part of a solid program.

  • In the long run, investing in a dust extractor, such as the one included in the Total Automotive Sanding System, is cost effective. Reducing dust in the air from sanding leads to less rework, enhancing efficiency and profitability. While dust’s effect on exterior rework is a major concern, dust can also get into the interior of vehicles in a body shop. Investing in a dust extractor reduces the amount of valuable time spent cleaning the interior of a vehicle before returning to the customer.

  • The system’s mobile dust extractor carries full HEPA certification, which means the filter has been engineered and tested to remove 99.97 percent of airborne particles (0.3 μm in diameter or larger) from the air that passes through it. For maximum effectiveness, the system is designed so that all of the air drawn into the machine is released through the filter, with essentially no air leaking past it. This level of filtration provides a significant reduction in sanding-related dust in the work zone.


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    Total Automotive Sanding System

    3M and Festool Automotive Systems have formed a global strategic collaboration to best serve the automotive collision repair industry. 3M's best-in-class abrasives innovation, including 3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasives, are now available in conjuction with premium Festool Automotive Systems surface prep tools, including pneumatic and electric sanders, polishers and backup pads, vacuums and surface prep workstations, dust extraction capabilities and service.



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