Top 10 Reasons to Break up with the Brick

  • A woman who burnt her finger 

    1. You’ve burned me once too many times.

  • A woman who is tired of cleaning her griddle

    2. I’m tired of putting in all the work.

  • A woman who is not satisfied with her griddle

    3. You make this relationship too difficult.

  • A woman who is cleaning her griddle with a brick

    4. I feel like I’m constantly cleaning up after you.

  • A woman who is not pleased with the odour of her griddle

    5. There’s an undeniable odour when you’re around.

  • A woman with a  dirty hand from cleaning her griddle

    6. Whenever I touch you, my hands get dirty.

  • A woman who is looking at the black brick

    7. You’re so cheap! I guess it’s true when they saw you get what you pay for.

  • A woman is waving to her friend with a dirty palm

    8. I’m embarrassed to show you to my friends. 

  • A woman who is looking disatsified with her black brick

    9. I put in so much time, but get nothing in return.

  • A woman who is putting her hands up in a

    10. You don’t understand what I need. 

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