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Diversity and inclusion

At 3M, our recruiting efforts are first and foremost dedicated to identifying exceptional talent. With that goal in mind, we strive to reflect the diversity of our global customers and partners, building on each employee’s ability while respecting their whole and unique self. At 3M, you’ll find opportunities to make a difference in the world, be a part of a leading company, grow through challenging work, and be rewarded for your efforts. 3M Canada Company encourages applications from all populations, including visible minorities, indigenous peoples, LGBTQ+ community and people with disabilities. Accommodations during each aspect of the interview process are available upon request.

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    Our commitment

    3M Canada is committed to recruiting and retaining a workforce that reflects the rich diversity of our global business environment. Our Talent Management strategies are focused on employee recruitment, engagement and building a culture which is open, respectful and inclusive for all individuals to reach their full potential. Growth of individuals, teams and the organization requires a healthy, open environment built on respect and dignity with zero tolerance for harassment or discriminatory behaviour.

    The 3M organization embraces workforce inclusion and believes it will deliver value and improved business results. We need to move beyond tolerating differences to understanding, respecting and celebrating our differences.

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    Equal opportunity policy

    3M Canada has an obligation to not only grant equal employment opportunities to new hires, but we celebrate diversity of thought and experience and grant opportunities for advancement and promotions without regard to race, gender identity/expression, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or disability.

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    The different cultures, nationalities, backgrounds, insights, physical and mental abilities of our people power our creativity and ideas, driving our company forward and keeping us relevant.

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    We strive for an inclusive environment where employees feel safe, engaged and free to create and innovate. We want everyone at 3M to feel valued and free to bring their authentic selves to work each day.

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    Engaging in our communities beyond 3M is an important aspect of what we do. Being involved in the communities where we work and live helps us give to others and learn from others, and fuels our passion to improve every life.

Resources and initiatives

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    3M Canada is committed to employment equity. As part of this commitment, all active employees are required to participate in diversity training as part of their onboarding process at 3M Canada. Additionally, we offer opportunities for employees to learn and expand their knowledge on diverse workforces and creating a culture of inclusion.

    Learning objectives

    • Increase understanding of culture and the impact of beliefs, norms, and values on behaviour
    • Understand the many dimensions of diversity and its impact in the workplace

    Inclusive behaviours make 3M more competitive and innovative by valuing and leveraging the diverse perspective of employees to bring new and different solutions to our clients.

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    At 3M, we believe everyone has something to contribute and share, no matter how long they’ve worked here. Through mentorship we improve our community when we share our knowledge.

    Each mentoring journey is tailored to fit an employee’s specific needs; these relationships are unique as the individuals involved. 3M offers a multitude of diverse programs that cover a broad spectrum of mentoring opportunities.

    Here, we learn, we discover, we grow – together.

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    Employee resource networks

    An inclusive culture is one that supports and appreciates differences, and provides fair and equal opportunities for everyone. At 3M, we know that inclusion is the key to unlocking the power of our diversity. It’s a place where people realize they are respected for their whole and unique selves, and that they belong. Inclusion leads to engagement, which in turn fosters the collaboration, creativity and innovation that drive long-term growth – for 3M as well as for our people and our teams.

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