1. Canadian leadership team
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3M Canada leadership team

  • A headshot of 3M Canada President and General Manager Lars Hanseid.

    Lars Hanseid

    President and General Manager

  • A headshot of 3M Canada Executive Director, Industrial Business Group, Tim Brown.

    Tim Brown

    Executive Director, Safety & Industrial Business Group

  • A headshot of Richard Chartrand.

    Richard Chartrand

    Executive Director, Laboratory, EHS, Quality and Regulatory Affairs

  • A headshot of 3M Canada Director, Marketing and Sales Operations, Lisa Citton-Battel.

    Lisa Citton-Battel

    Director, Consumer Business Group

  • A headshot of General Counsel Blair Fantillo.

    Blair Fantillo

    General Counsel

  • A headshot of Director, Electornics and Energy Business Group and Industrial and Safety Markets Centre, Nuno Da Silva.

    Nuno Da Silva

    Director, Transportation & Electronics Business Group

  • A headshot of Michael Lee.

    Michael Lee

    Director, Health Care Business Group

  • A headshot of Director, Human Resources, Gregg Sweeney.

    Gregg Sweeney

    Director, Human Resources

  • A headshot of Director, Finance, Brenda Walsh.

    Brenda Walsh

    Director, Finance

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The 3M research and development laboratory in Minnesota, USA.

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