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Environmental health and safety

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We believe we have a responsibility to serve today's customer's safely, while respecting the resource needs of future generations. From emissions to energy conservation to ergonomics, we comply with regulations and strive to exceed them. Our facilities, processes and products are subject to rigorous programs to ensure environmental, health and safety performance. Together, we are committed to continuous improvement.

  • A worker wearing a full protective suit, face mask, and gloves, operating a 3M™ PPS™ 2.0 system.

    Our health and safety policy

    Every one of our employees is accountable for managing a safe working environment through proactive identification and elimination of hazards.

    We are each committed to

       • Making health and safety part of daily job duties and business decisions
       • Meeting or exceeding all external regulations and company standards
       • Designing safe processes and operating facilities safely
       • Training to reduce risks on and off the job
       • Sharing information about study results and potentially unsafe conditions
       • Participating in investigations, audits and follow-up activities
  • A warehouse worker wearing a hard hat, driving a fork lift that is lifting up a pallet of boxes.

    Health and safety practices


    Each location has a comprehensive safety program, based on the principles of internal responsibility and due diligence: 

       • Safety orientation and job-hazard-specific training
       • Accident/near miss investigation and follow-up
       • Process safety management
       • Industrial hygiene and ergonomics evaluations
       • Proactive worker protection programs
       • Contractor safety workplace inspections
       • Joint worker/management health and safety committees
       • Driver training
       • Fire plan

    Our program includes holistic elements such as wellness programs, which help employees lead happier, healthier and safer lives.

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    Life cycle management

    3M has adopted a life cycle management (LCM) approach to new and existing products. This holistic approach encompasses the whole product supply chain, from raw materials through manufacturing to disposal and recycling, in order to minimize the energy consumption and the overall environmental footprint of products.

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