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A roll of white and black Scotch® Arc Proofing Tapes beside each other

Arc proofing tape

Scotch® Arc Proofing Tapes are ideal for small spaces with lots of medium/high voltage cables like substations, manholes and vaults. Arc proofing tapes are designed to protect all types of electrical cables. Its formulation expands in fire to provide a thick char build-up between the flame and cable. This insulating firewall acts as a heat shield and flame barrier, thus protecting the cables, accessories and any other cable in close proximity.

Expert tip
Fire and arc proofing properties should last for the life of the cable.

Electrical tape is an essential component of any installation, repair and manufacturing project. 3M invented vinyl electrical tape and today we offer a wide variety of durable, reliable electrical tapes, each designed with one or more applications in mind; insulating, protecting, sealing and/or marking.

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