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Skin Protection

Take a proactive approach to skin health

Maintenance of healthy skin around a vascular skin around a vascular device is critical to reduce the risk of infection, maintaining a securement dressing or device, and patient comfort. Although Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injuries ( MARSI ) can be a prevalent and serious complication, they do not need to be an inevitable part of the patient experience. Skin integrity can be maintained even when repeated dressing changes are required. Preparation of the skin and selection of proper adhesives are the first steps to help minimize the risks of MARSI.

  • Image of 3 3M™ Cavilon™ Products No-Sting Barrier Film products

    Protecting the skin

    3M™ Cavilon™ No String Barrier Film forms a protective coating between the skin and the adhesive of the securement dressing, device or tape to help prevent MARSI. When an adhesive product is removed from the skin, Cavilon™ No String Barrier Film is removed instead of skin cells.


    • The original alcohol-free barrier film
    • CHG-compatible; available in 1ml and 3ml wands with a sterile peel-open package to allow asseptic technique.
    • Over 60 pieces of clinical evidence support its efficacy and cost-effectiveness.


  • Single roll of 3M™ kind removal silicone tape

    Selecting the right tape for tubing securement

    What goes in shouldn't come out. Rolls of tape can be long - more than three kilometers of tape is wasted for every 1,000 patients discharged. Why not have a single use roll of tape that's shorter in length? Aid infection prevention, reduce cross combination, and produce less waste with 3M™ single-patient use of rolls of tape.

  • Preventing Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injuries (MARSI)

    Take the steps to prevent or treat skin injuries related to removing or repositioning medical tapes.

    Find out how

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    3M™ Cavilon™ Skin Care Products

    Skin is the first line of defense against irritants. But at times, our largest organ can become vulnerable itself.

    Find out how to prevent skin damage

Solutions you need to secure and protect

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