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Heat shrink tubing

3M™ Heat Shrink provides an effective means of applying skin-tight insulating and protective coverings for a wide variety of electrical, electronic and mechanical appliances.

Reliable Heat Shrink

3M™ Heat Shrink Tubing is designed to insulate and protect in a variety of electrical and mechanical applications. Buying from 3M provides the quality assurance that comes with a 100+ year old company synonymous with innovation.

  • splice a buried cable

    Can I use heat shrink to splice a buried cable?

    Some types of 3M Heat Shrink are suitable for direct bury applications. Adhesive-lined medium or heavy wall tubing is very effective as primary insulation and in preventing your splice from both mechanical and moisture damage. (Please note that we recommend using a 3M Tape or 3M Cold Shrink Splice for voltages above 1 kV.)

  • moisture resistant

    Does heat shrink make a connection moisture resistant?

    Some heat shrink comes with an adhesive lining that is applied in the factory. This adhesive melts quickly during shrinking and fills in all of the spaces surrounding the connection. It also cools and sets quickly ensuring your connection is well-protected from moisture and dirt. 

  • How do I use heat shrink

    How do I use heat shrink?

    Heat shrink is very easy to use. 3M  Heat Shrink tubing is supplied in an expanded state ready to use. Once heat is applied, it will shrink and conform to an object forming a skin-tight fit. To do this slip the tube over the area you want to protect; heat it with a hot air gun or torch to shrink until it's smooth. (Don't forget to place the tubing on the wire before you connect the two ends!).

  • What is heat shrink

    What is heat shrink?

    3M heat shrink tubing is a simple and reliable method of applying insulation, protection or covering for a wide variety of electrical, electronic and mechanical applications.

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