Outdoor application of 3M™ VentureClad™ 

3M™ VentureClad™ Insulation Jacketing System

A jacketing system tough enough to help protect your insulation from the elements all year round.

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Protect your systems from the elements with 3M™ VentureClad™ Insulation Jacketing Tape

The 3M™ VentureClad™ Jacketing System provides mechanical duct and pipe protection while being cost effective. The self-adhering jacketing tape can be applied quickly and easily in a wide range of temperatures without any special tools. The seamless finish provides zero permeability and helps prevent corrosion under insulation with the additional benefit of providing a clean, professional finish.

  • Zero permeability
    Zero permeability
    Helps prevent moisture form migrating into insulation
  • Wide temperature range
    Wide temperature range
    Applies easily at temperatures as cold as -23°C
  • Proven, certified, compliant
    Proven, certified, compliant
    ULC S102 classification. Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approval for relevant products

The 3M™ VentureClad™ Insulation Jacketing System is available in a wide range of widths, lengths, and colours in flat and embossed finishes.

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  • Interior

    • Smooth white finish for interior cladding and jacketing
    • Approved by Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in food processing facilities
    • Contains mould inhibiting agent
  • Exterior commercial

    • Designed for use in jacketing applications
    • Self-adhesive material installs easily with no offsite fabrication required
  • Exterior industrial

    • Multi-layered for heavy duty industrial applications
    • Tensile strength up to 140 lb/in
    • Resistance to weathering, UV and extreme environmental conditions
    • High puncture and tear resistance

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