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Our innovative, high-quality dental products will help you improve your patients' oral health.

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From mobile intraoral scanners to preventive products for in-office and at-home care, 3M offers dental products for professionals like you to improve your patients' overall oral health, increase their satisfaction with their dental procedures and promote lifelong oral well-being. As an established leader in the dental industry, we have spent decades developing innovative, high-quality dental care products that help simplify your procedures and keep your patients smiling.

Dental procedures

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    Direct restorative

    For patients, happiness means a beautiful smile that looks natural and creates confidence. For you, it means a practice that runs smoothly and efficiently. Since 50% of restorative procedures involve direct restorations, 3M created a trusted procedure that allows you to create restorations that are fast, easy and consistently produce excellent outcomes.

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    Crown and bridge

    Crown and bridge procedures are vital to your clinical success and bottom line, but they can be tricky. For a restoration to just drop into place and stay cemented, you have to do a lot of things right. That is why 3M has simplified every step of the crown and bridge procedure, reducing the chance for error and shortening procedure time by using our proven products that require fewer steps.

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    Good preventive dentistry and oral health care can help prevent cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Keeping your patients' smiles happy and healthy. Once you've assessed your patient's oral health and decide upon a treatment protocol, 3M preventive products can provide a continuum of care.

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