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A capsule of 3M™ Astringent Retraction Paste, dispensing a grey paste.

3M™ Astringent Retraction Paste

A fast, convenient and effective solution for gingival retraction.

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A great dental impression requires detailed margins - which starts with tissue and moisture control. 3M™ Astringent Retraction Paste provides gentle but effective gingival retraction, to help you capture a detailed impression of the preparation margin.

Gentle, Effective Gingival Retraction

3M™ Astringent Retraction Paste gently pushes the gingival tissue away from the tooth, while helping to control bleeding and improve patient comfort.

  • An icon of a tooth with a cross on it.
    Gentle mechanical retraction.

    The stiff material decreases the elasticity of collagen fibres and gingival tissue, compressing the gums with less trauma and irritation.

  • An icon of upper teeth and gums.
    Novel tip fits in sulcus.

    The long, slim tip provides easy access to tight interproximal areas, to help you apply the paste in – not on – the sulcus.

  • An icon of a liquid droplet with a line through it.
    Astringent controls moisture.

    A hemostetic effect results from the compression on the gums by the paste containing 15% aluminum chloride as an astringent.

  • An icon of a blister pack of capsules.
    Unit-dose format.

    Single-use capsules include enough material to treat up to three teeth, and fit into most composite dispensers.

Indications for Use

3M™ Retraction Paste is indicated for the temporary displacement of the marginal gingiva to provide a dry sulcus when the periodontium is healthy. This includes during: 

  • An icon of a dental impression tray.


  • An icon of a syringe.

    Cementation of restorations

  • An icon of a tooth with a chip out of it.

    Preparation of Class II and V fillings

Unique Nozzle Design

  • Two capsules of 3M™ Astringent Retraction Paste.
  • A close-up of the nozzle of a capsule of 3M™ Astringent Retraction Paste.
    Soft edge capsule tip
  • A close-up of the nozzle of a capsule of 3M™ Astringent Retraction Paste.
    Long, slim (1 mm) nozzle with orientation ring
  • A close-up of a cover on the nozzle of a capsule of 3M™ Astringent Retraction Paste.
    Optimized geometry for easy extrusion

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