Dental professional holding veneers while adding an additional tooth to the veneers.

Digital dental restorations simplified

Our digital dental materials can help create high-quality dental restorations, whether chairside or in the lab.

Digital dental materials

Our chairside digital dental materials can help create strong, high-quality, esthetically pleasing restorations including inlays, onlays and veneers. For those more complex cases, our lab digital dental materials offer an advanced process for efficiently and accurately fabricating dental crowns and bridges.




  • Chairside digital dental materials

    3M chairside digital dental materials are designed to simplify the digital creation of minimally invasive restorations that look as natural as they feel.

  • Laboratory digital dental materials

    3M offers a simple solution for all-zirconia restorations. It's an easy-to-use restorative system that works, smile after smile.

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