3M™ RelyX™ Fiber Post held with tweezers

Post and core simplified

Our post and core solution helps deliver predictable robust outcomes from root to core.


Post and core materials

The post and core procedure - or root canals, as they are more commonly known - are very complex restorations. That's why we engineered the post and core solution for synergy and simplicity. These products work together to help you make a long story short. With fewer clinical steps, this solution makes the endodontic restorative procedure simpler for both you and your patient, without sacrificing reliability. Get the job done faster - all with just four products.

  • Cement

    Provides a reliably high bond strength. The automix syringe together with the endo tip enable a smart one-step application of the cement directly into the root canal - with virtually no voids.

  • Fiber Post

    Engineered for performance and simplicity, with a dentin-like elasticity for a lower risk of root fracture (compared to metal/ceramic posts). With outstanding mechanical strength and excellent light translucency it requires no pre-treatment when used with 3M™ ESPE™ RelyX™ Unicem 2 cements.

  • Bond

    Enables a strong, reliable bond of the core build-up material to the post and tooth structure in one application.

  • Build-up

    Excellent handling and one bulk placement of up to 5mm for fast core build-ups.

Female dental professional smiling about the 3M Crown and Bridge solutions.

Get simplified with 3M's crown and bridge solution

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