Chairside tray of temporization materials

Dental temporization simplified

Our dental temporization materials make it easy to create esthetic provisional restorations.


Temporary materials

Our temporization and provisional materials will help to deliver high-quality provisional restorations for a variety of applications, including crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers.

We offer a full line of prefabricated crowns and temporization materials to help deliver results that keep your patients' smiles looking great.


Temporization solution



  • Impress

    No dust, no mess, just low-stress impression. Provides fast setting times and high hydrophilicity.

  • Fabricate

    Easy-to-handle temporization material creates strong and esthetic temporaries that don't require additional polishing or glaze.

  • Cement

    Offers reliable temporary adhesion that saves dentists time, because excess is quickly and easily removed.

Female dental professional smiling about the 3M Crown and Bridge solutions.

Get simplified with 3M's crown and bridge solution

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