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Part dental scanner, part game changer.

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3M Intraoral Scanners

The 3M™ True Definition Scanner - available in mobile or cart editions - is accurate enough to trust with even your most challenging cases and easy for your staff to use. You enjoy improved productivity and lower operating costs, while your patients enjoy a more comfortable experience.

Choose the digital scanner that fits your practice

  • Dental proffesional holding the 3M™ Mobile True Definition Scanner in one hand.

    3M™ Mobile True Definition Scanner

    First mobile intraoral scanner to operate on a tablet.

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  • 3M™ True Definition Scanner-cart edition, on cart

    3M™ True Definition Scanner - cart edition

    Making a great impression couldn’t be easier.

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One hand scanning wand

Smallest wand on the market

The lightweight wand is ergonomically balanced and allows one-handed scanning from multiple positions.

3M understands your digital dental needs

  • Dentists


  • Orthodontists


  • Dental labs


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