A silver-handled curing light with orange face shield.

Dental Curing Lights

Have confidence in a deep, uniform dental cure.

Is your light performing?   

Did you know, 69% of dentists who place bulk fill restorations are not confident in polymerization deep in the cavity?*

Dental curing lights from 3M provide a deep, uniform cure from center to rim and surface to cavity bottom. They are lightweight, cordless, LED, and designed for patient comfort.

*Clinician's Report, October 2014, Volume 7, Issue 10

Key features of 3M™ Curing Lights

  • An icon of a tooth with proximal box.

    Deep, uniform cure.

    Reach the proximal box of larger restorations.

  • An icon of light waves coming off of a light bulb.

    Optimized optics.

    Superior light penetration for a high depth of cure, even if light positioning is difficult.

  • An icon of an arrow pointing into the centre of a circle.

    Optimized angle and height.

    Geometry is friendly to both the user and the patient – even with limited mouth-opening ability.

Featured curing lights.

Choose from two curing light models, both with identical technical performance.

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A silver-handled curing light in a white charging stand.

3M™ Elipar™ DeepCure-S LED Curing Light

High performance in high-quality stainless steel.

A white curing light.

3M™ Paradigm™ DeepCure LED Curing Light

High performance in a lightweight model.

Housing Stainless steel Plastic
Light guide mount Magnetic Friction-fit
Weight 250 g 180 g
Cleaning Vent-free for fast, easy cleaning and disinfection; sealed against contamination Vent-free for fast, easy cleaning and disinfection
Battery replacement Tool-free exchange by user Built-in, exchange via customer service
Charging Charging base with built-in meters and indicators Charging plug
Charging time 90 min. to full charge 120 min. to full charge

The tip of a curing light with a keyboard in the background.

How well does your curing light perform?

3M has partnered with BlueLight Analytics™ to offer checkMARC®, a professional service for validating curing light performance and determining the required curing times for each curing light and material combination in a dental clinic.

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