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3M™ Extreme Masking Tapes

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Acid baths, sandblasting, extreme heat, extended weathering and wear – we understand the challenges of extreme environments and we have solutions.

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    Tight manufacturing tolerances mean our tapes are the same from the beginning of the roll to the end and also from one roll to the next.

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    3M™ Extreme Masking Tapes are designed to provide good protection and sharp masking lines while removing cleanly without residue.

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    Spend less time on each piece with products that apply and remove easily and work well, helping you produce more finished parts in the same time.

3M™ Extreme Masking Tape Applications

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  • Use acid bath solutions to convert the surface of metal to provide a durable, corrosion-resistant oxide-finish. The masking tape must withstand the harsh chemical bath and may also need to survive painting or other downstream processes while still removing cleanly.

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    Use electricity to deposit a layer of any desired metal on another substrate in order to change the surface properties or to build up part thickness. Your masking tape must withstand the immersive solution without leaking but should also remove easily and cleanly with no or minimal residue requiring further attention.

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    Powder Coating

    Use electrical attraction to apply free-flowing dry powder to a part which then passes through an oven that melts the powder to form an even paint surface. The masking tape must be able to prevent powder from reaching masked areas while withstanding the high oven heat without transferring to the part completely.

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