Two Scotch ® Varnished cambric tapes

Varnished cambric tape

Insulated joints that require rapid and clean re-entry such as motor lead and service drop connections, heavy splitbolts in raceways and bus bars. Excellent in applications where mechanical protection and puncture resistance is critical.

Expert tip
Using Scotch® Varnished Cambric Tape 2520 (with adhesive) helps to hold the tape in place as you over-wrap it with the next layers of (rubber and/or vinyl) tape but remember to wrap it with the sticky side facing up so it leaves the connection residue free at re-entry.

Electrical tape is an essential component of any installation, repair and manufacturing project. 3M invented vinyl electrical tape and today we offer a wide variety of durable, reliable electrical tapes, each designed with one or more applications in mind; insulating, protecting, sealing and/or marking.

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