Scotch® Mining Tape 31 beside Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234 with packaging

Mining and jacket repair tape

Scotch® Heavy Duty Jacket Repair Tape has abrasion-resistant backing for jacket repair on mining cables and cables in other extreme environments. With their Hypalon®* backing, abrasion-resistant properties and flame retardant mastic, Scotch® Heavy Duty Jacket Repair Tapes apply easily and remain flexible while maintaining a strong moisture seal.

Expert tip:
After repairing a damaged jacket with Scotch® Heavy Duty Jacket Repair Tape, apply 3 half-lapped layers of 3M™ Vinyl Electrical Tape to each end of the repair. It will temporarily secure the ends of the heavy duty repair tape until the jacket reaches full bond.

Electrical tape is an essential component of any installation, repair and manufacturing project. 3M invented vinyl electrical tape and today we offer a wide variety of durable, reliable electrical tapes, each designed with one or more applications in mind; insulating, protecting, sealing and/or marking.

  • * Hypalon is a trademark of E.I duPont de Nemours and Company.
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