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Filtration and Gas Control for Food and Beverage Production

Help shape your operations for success with advanced filtration and processing solutions.

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From pure ingredients to polished packaging, your passion for quality comes through in every part of your product. 3M supports food and beverage manufacturers with scalable solutions that help make the highest quality output a matter of routine.

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Why choose 3M Filtration and Separation solutions?

Wherever you get your source water, and whatever the steps in your process, and however you treat your wastewater, 3M Filtration and Separation has high-quality, cost-effective solutions to help support your operation and processes.

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Comprehensive solutions for incoming, process and waste water and fluids.

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    From brewing beer to making packaged food, and everything in between, the 3M Filtration and Separation product portfolio features high-quality solutions that are designed to support your food and beverage manufacturing processes from start to finish.

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    The faster you can manufacture your products, the faster you’ll be able to grow your business. 3M Filtration and Separation filter systems are easy to change out — helping you save time and avoid industrial manufacturing disruptions. 3M technical experts can support your filtration needs to help maintain or help improve quality with cost-effective solutions.

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    3M Filtration and Separation solutions for industrial manufacturing provide high-quality and long filter life to help ensure process and product consistency for your manufacturing process.

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    Designed for industrial manufacturing, 3M Filtration and Separation products help provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions for particle filtration, gas control and sustainable water management from start to finish.

Food and Beverage Purification Applications

What you put in is what you get out, and you work hard so your products rise above the rest. Advanced purification technologies from 3M can help you ensure that you’re starting with only the purest ingredients.

A variety of cylindrical filtration products.

Filtration and Gas Control Products for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

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3M Total Solutions for Food and Beverage Processing

From pure ingredients to polished packaging, and all factors in between, your passion for quality comes through in every part of your processes. 3M supports food and beverage manufacturers with solutions that help make the highest quality output a matter of routine.

  • Safeguard your business, mitigate risk and protect consumers with multiple platforms for a broad range of testing needs from 3M Food Safety.

  • Depending on your application and environment, we can provide the appropriate products to help protect workers from the start of their shift until the end.

  • 3M provides innovative electrical solutions you can rely on, including insulating and sealing, wire and cable management, locating and marking, cable repair, splicing, terminating, and arc proofing.

  • Help maintain the high standards of your food processing facility with 3M professional cleaning solutions. From floor pads to dusting tools and scouring pads, we have the products you need to help keep your facility clean and safe.

  • 3M packaging solutions can help ensure that quality is maintained every step of the way. From cold storage to general packaging, give your goods a seal you’re proud of with Scotch® Brand.

  • Help protect your insulated ducts and pipes from weathering, fungi, UV and extreme environmental conditions. The 3M™ VentureClad™ Insulation Jacketing System can help protect your ducts and pipes.

  • 3M experts will work with you to help find the optimal 3M purification and filtration solution for your application.

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