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Filtration Solutions for Breweries

Success can come down to a fine, filtered taste. 3M can help your brewery with reliable, cost-effective solutions.

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Cheers to a tasty brew!

Brewing beer is an art that requires patience and attention. Your brewing process must be reliable and efficient — minimizing waste and maximizing the final product. It starts with clear, filtered water going into the mash mixer and removing yeast and sediment downstream. Proper filtration and dissolved gas control can help ensure a stable beer with maximum shelf life, so what goes into the bottle, can or keg is the consistently tasty brew you crafted.

The Brewing Process

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Large breweries

A typical brewing process begins with water being introduced upstream of the mash tank, and finishes when the beverage is bottled, canned or kegged. Within this process, beer is filtered to help create the clarity and consistency that beer drinkers associate with a quality brew. Filtration in breweries tends to get successively tighter at each stage of the process in order to remove larger particles such as yeast and sediment; through to achieving microbiological stability of non-pasteurized beers in order to maximise shelf life.

  • A flowchart showing the brewing process in a large brewery.
Trap filtration

Trap filters reduce extraneous diatomaceous earth (D.E.) fines and yeast, also serving as protection from D.E. filter malfunction.


Clarification polishes the beer, removing unwanted haze and yeast without compromising the taste.

Final filtration

Membrane filtration is the premier method of achieving microbiological stability void of chemicals and heat.

Water pre-treatment and gas control

3M provides quality filtration for sanitising, blending and diluting water, and gas management solutions to greatly reduce potentially unfavourable O₂ levels.

Small breweries

Filtration is often an overlooked facet of beer production at smaller breweries. Through correct filtration, a consistently stable beer can be produced to satisfy consumers’ demand time after time.

We recommend:

The two products we have found most effective are our 3M™ High Flow Absolute Filters to remove the heavy sediment, followed by a dual layer 3M™ Zeta Plus™ Series Filter, filtering down to sub-micron levels. These two products remove the unwanted haze, yeast, and other particles, but not the taste – allowing for more of that great taste that customers love. The successively tighter filter stages allow brewers to produce a consistently stable beer without the need for filtration following the bright beer tank.

A flowchart showing the brewing process in a small brewery.
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Cheers to better beers.

Tap into consistent quality with innovative filtration and gas control solutions for breweries.

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Featured applications

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    We're brewing success – from local hand-crafted microbrews to the world's largest breweries, 3M Purification has decades of experience supplying reliable, cost effective separation solutions for the brewing industry.

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    Bacteria and wild yeast can ruin your entire barrel, producing “off” flavours and aromas, hazy colouration and films. Our microporous membrane filters reduce microorganisms in non-pasteurized beer, providing a clear glass with a clean taste.

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    Water Filtration

    Filtered water is essential to creating a great-tasting finished product. Our advanced purification filter cartridges outperform bag filters, helping you control particulate and microorganisms in brewery water, so your distinct flavour comes through in every batch.*

Products for beer filtration

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