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Product Solutions for Food and Beverage Purification and Gas Control

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Filtration and gas control products for food and beverage manufacturing

  • A metal 3M™ High Flow Filter System.
    3M™ High Flow Filter System

    This system is a result of 3M’s extensive filtration experience applied to delivering high-flow filter technology in a compact design.

  • Capable of both adding and removing dissolved gases to liquids, these products can deliver rapid deoxygenation, decarbonation, carbonation, or nitrogen of liquids to precise concentration levels.

  • Two white, cylindrical 3M™ LifeASSURE™ BNA Series Filter Cartridges.
    3M™ LifeASSURE™ BNA Series Filters

    These filters provide precise clarification of fluids for a reduction of fine particles and spoilage microorganisms. Designed for the beverage industry, this filter offers excellent flow and low pressure drop for ideal, cost-effective performance.

  • Three cylindrical 3M™ Zeta Plus™ H Series Filter Cartridges.
    3M™ Zeta Plus™ H and MH Series Filter Cartridges

    To significantly reduce filter changeout downtime and to remove what mechanical straining cannot, trust your beer to 3M™ Zeta Plus™ H Series Filters.

    3M™ Zeta Plus™ MH Series Dual-Zone Depth Filters have a structure that enhances contaminant holding capacity for optimal clarification and pre-filtration.

  • Two white, cylindrical 3M™ LifeASSURE™ BA Series Filter Cartridges.
    3M™ LifeASSURE™ BA Series Filters

    These filters help reduce microorganisms throughout the bottling process. 3M™ LifeASSURE™ Membrane Filters offer superior durability for common cleaning and sanitation protocols so you can switch filters less frequently for more production uptime.

  • Three cylindrical 3M™ Betafine™ XL Series Filters.
    3M™ Betafine™ XL Series Filters

    Optimise productivity and bottling capacity with this absolute-rated filter with vastly superior on-stream life and our Advanced Pleat Technology, that provides more cost-effective filtration than conventional melt blown filter technologies.*

  • Two cylindrical metal filter housings.
    Filter Housings

    3M offers an extensive range of filter housings designed to handle even the most critical applications found in distilleries.

  • Two white, cylindrical 3M™ Micro-Klean™ RT Series Filter Cartridges.
    3M™ Micro-Klean™ RT Series Filter Cartridge

    3M™ Micro-Klean™ RT Series Filters are all-polypropylene depth filter cartridges offering consistent particle reduction efficiencies, increased surface life, low initial pressure drop and high particle reduction efficiencies. Our filter’s extended service life results in fewer filter change-outs.

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