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Cartons of dairy products are quickly transported through the assembly line on a conveyor belt.
A worker in a white coat slices raw beef in a meat packing plant.
Four women wearing blue aprons, white coats, and yellow hard hats put chicken into serving trays on an assembly line.
A person wearing orange gloves and a blue apron selects fish for processing inside a seafood production facility.
A shopping cart carries a variety of fruit down the aisle of a grocery store.
Colourful pet food spills out of a metal bowl onto the floor.
A large quantity of eggs are being moving on a conveyor belt.
blue and white capsules containing food additives or nutritional supplements.
Hamburger buns move along a conveyor belt.
10 water bottles are lined up in four rows, with a focus on their blue lids.
A combine harvests a field of wheat.
Sugar coated colourful gummy candies.
Four large rolls of white paper at a paper mill.
Food safety support Customer Care Professionals: 1‑800‑364‑3577 Customer Care Professionals: 1‑800‑364‑3577
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