Three food safety professionals in a laboratory.
Additional food safety educational resources

Work more efficiently with 3M food safety products and resources.

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  • A stack of lobster cages by the ocean.

    Behind the scenes in the seafood industry


  • A food factory worker butchering chicken.

    Behind the scenes in the poultry industry


  • Cheese curds in a large vat.

    Behind the scenes in the dairy industry


  • A video still of raw chicken breasts on a conveyor belt.

    3M™ Clean-Trace™ LM1 Luminometer training video


  • Several people sitting around a patio table with food and drinks on it.

    3M™ Food Safety™ Brand video


  • A video still of a cartoon person in a grocery store with illustration of packaged meat and vegetables in circles.

    Lactic acid bacteria and food spoilage

  • A 3M™Allergen Protein ELISA Kit on a counter with three small bottles, a graduated cylinder, and two containers.

    3M™ Allergen Protein ELISA Kit


  • A 3M™ Rapid Allergen Kit spread out on a counter: two containers of solution, a sample bottle rack, a box of packets, and an opened packet.

    3M™ Rapid Allergen Kit


Several pages from a 3M environmental monitoring handbook.

Help prevent potential issues from leading to major problems.

Download Handbook (US, English only)

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Search the 3M Safety Data Sheet (SDS) archive to get more information.

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Food safety support Customer Care Professionals: 1‑800‑364‑3577 Customer Care Professionals: 1‑800‑364‑3577
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