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Environmental monitoring

Help prevent potential issues from leading to major problems.

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Food safety and quality strategies are shifting due to an increased consumer awareness, impact of major recalls, changing regulations and international standards. Food testing has traditionally been focused on raw materials and finished product. Testing the food processing environment is a preventative approach that can assist you to identify and correct potential issues before they lead to a major problem or recall.

A comprehensive resource for environmental monitoring in the food and beverage industry has been developed in partnership with Cornell University and other industry experts. This environmental monitoring handbook provides guidance on building and implementing a holistic program based on industry practices and a scientific approach.

Environmental monitoring solutions

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Validation and recognitions

  • A variety of environmental monitoring equipment and products.

    3M solutions and products have been internationally recognized and validated for their ingenious methods and innovation.

    Third-party validations such as from AOAC confirm that the method has been scrutinized to prove that it is reliable, repeatable and performed equal to or better than the reference method to which it was compared. 3M Food Safety takes these programs very seriously, and they have completed

    • 20 AOAC International Official Methods of Analysis (OMA) Validations
    • 14 AOAC Performance Tested Method (PTM) Certifications
    • 19 NF VALIDATION by AFNOR Certifications

    Read about why USDA chooses 3M for E.coli, salmonella, and listeria testing.

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Hygiene monitoring equipment beside two ATP test swabs and a computer monitor showing hygiene monitoring software.

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  • A picture of Dr. Martin Wiedmann of Cornell University.

    Help reduce the risk of recalls, extend product shelf life, streamline production and increase customer satisfaction by implementing an effective environmental monitoring program. Dr. Martin Wiedmann of Cornell University delivers a 5-part environmental monitoring learning pathway designed to take you through levels of content from beginner, to intermediate, and advanced knowledge.

    Companies that are starting to implement an environmental program, working through implementation and its challenges, or enhancing existing programs can benefit from these courses.


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Learn more about food safety from thought leaders, peers and educational content, including articles, papers, videos and webinars.

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