In Canada, the dairy industry is primarily comprised of ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturing; fluid milk manufacturing; and butter, cheese and, dry and condensed dairy products. 3M provides solutions for this highly regulated industry that requires rapid, accurate and reproducible test results.


The Canadian meat industry is comprised of primary and secondary processing of red meats including beef, pork, and lamb. A critical need for the meat industry is to protect consumers from exposure to food-borne illnesses, especially listeria.

3M's complete line of quality indicator tests, pathogen tests and hygiene monitoring systems allows meat manufacturers to monitor critical control points, finished product and plant environment.

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The Canadian poultry industry is primarily represented by chicken and turkey manufacturers. It comprises a variety of products from raw poultry to ready-to-eat meals.

3M provides solutions to help companies improve product quality and protect consumers from foodborne illnesses caused by the spread of pathogens including salmonella and campylobacter. Our products support proper environmental monitoring and product testing with easy-to-use and accurate testing methods.

Fish and seafood

The Canadian seafood industry processes and packages wild and farmed shellfish and finfish, both from freshwater and saltwater. From coast to coast, this sector is required to meet, or exceed the policies, requirements, and inspection standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for seafood products.

Use 3M solutions to help you monitor the plant environment including allergen control and test raw materials and finished product. Easy-to-use and accurate testing that provide results you can count on.


The Canadian fruit and vegetable industry is divided primarily into frozen and non-frozen foods. One of the biggest challenges faced by this industry is the increased consumer demand for safer, higher quality products. 3M provides solutions to help improve your testing procedures to be in line with consumer demands and regulatory requirements.

Use our products to monitor your environment, test raw materials and finished products to help maintaining the high standard of food safety and quality for which Canada is known.

Pet food and animal feed

The Canadian Pet Food industry is broken down into cat, dog, and other pet food. This industry is continuously evolving with increased consumer demands for better quality food containing better ingredients, and more natural health products for pets. Canadians treat their pets as a part of their family, requiring pet food producers to take extra care in testing for indicator organisms and pathogens. 3M provides solutions to keep all members of your family safe with solutions used to test pet food samples at critical control points, the plant environment and finished products.


The Canadian egg industry is made up of many different groups working closely together to move eggs from local farms to Canadian homes. From the hatchery to the retailers and everyone in between, these groups use 3M solutions to maintain high food safety standards throughout their unique supply chain.


Nutraceuticals are comprised of functional food enriched with bioactive ingredients, and natural health products. These products have demonstrated health benefits including the prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases. Some common examples of nutraceuticals include performance drinks, probiotic yogurt, fibre-enriched mixes, and pasta.

Use 3M solutions to help monitor your plant environment and product samples to maintain the high standard of food safety and quality for which Canada is known.

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The Canadian bakery industry is comprised of companies that manufacture bread, cakes, pastries and other perishable baked goods, both fresh and frozen. This industry faces strong consumer demands for ready-to-eat foods that are fresh, high quality, safe, and available year round. 3M provides solutions you need to help you identify the presence of indicator organisms and pathogens, allowing you to take corrective action to improve the quality of your product.

Beverage and bottled water

The beverage sector strives to offer high quality, safe alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinking products to Canadian consumers. This industry is primarily involved in the production and bottling of ready-to-drink beverages that have long shelf lives and minimal chemical preservatives.

3M is here to help by providing cutting-edge solutions to help you monitor your manufacturing environment as well as testing product samples. Our accuracy and fast time-to-result will help you identify potential issues early and plan for corrective actions.

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Grain and oilseed milling sector

The grain and oilseed milling sector is comprised of flour milling and malt; starch and vegetable fat and oil, including wheat, pulses and rice milling; and breakfast cereals. This industry includes a variety of low-moisture products such as flour mixes and dough, as well as ready-to-eat cereals.

3M offers solutions for environmental monitoring including allergen control, as well as product testing to help improve quality and protect your brand.


The confectionary sector includes sugar manufacturing, chocolate, chocolate confectionary, and non-chocolate confectionary products. 3M provides solutions for environmental monitoring and product testing to help you improve quality and protect consumers.


3M Food Safety products can be used to monitor the environment and water purity in the chemical industry. In Canada, we highlight the application of our 3M™ Clean-Trace™ system and 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates in the Oil Sands complex and pulp and paper manufacturing plants.

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