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A 3M™ Dry-Sponge, 3M™ Sponge-Stick, 3M™ Quick Swab, and 3M™ Swab-Sampler.

Food safety sample collection, preparation and processing

Get consistency from the start.

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Reliability and quality without compromise.

Help improve testing accuracy, consistency and efficiency with 3M microbiology sample handling and media products.

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    Collect microbial surface samples quickly, efficiently and consistently with 3M sponges and swabs.

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    Be confident that your samples will be uncompromised during transport to the testing lab - 3M's wide variety of sample bags provide peace of mind.

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    Make sure your samples are pure and uncompromised. 3M products allow for more accurate testing in the lab.

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  • 3M™ Quick Swabs

    • Ready to use
    • Efective and economical
    • Can be used wet or dry
    • Contains letheen broth to neutralize sanitizers
  • 3M™ Electronic Pipettors and Tips

    • Self-calibrating, to reduce risk of human error and instrument contamination
    • Lightweight and ergonomic controls
    • Open programming mode allows for unique user-set and pipetting operations
    • Available in both 1 mL and 5 mL models
  • 3M™ Sponge-Stick

    • Sample without directly handling the sponge
    • Increase efficiency with less risk of contamination
    • Biocide-free cellulose sponge maintains organism viability
  • 3M™ Enrichment Pouch, QEBPWIS225, with buffered peptone water

    • Pre-measured with 225 mL of broth
    • Durable non-woven filter spans entire width
    • Allows for flow of microorganisms but not large food particles
    • Strong, mutli-laminate pouch to resist punctures
    • Wire tabs keep bag open for easy sample addition

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A gloved hand holding a 3M™ Sponge-Stick.
Choosing a sampling sponge

When determining which sample sponge to use, it is important to consider factors in your testing process.


3M can help make that decision simple.


Ask an expert

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  • A video still of a food factory worker handling poultry.

    Sample handling and testing in the poultry industry

  • A video still of three 3M™ Quick Swabs in a test tube rack.

    Sample handling and testing in the dairy industry

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