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Quality without compromise.

The tools and processes you choose when creating a prevention-based monitoring program matter. Subpar solutions can put your customers, reputation and business at risk. Give your program the advantage of precision-designed sponges, swabs, bags and preparation tools from 3M for consistent and efficient testing.

Get a full lineup of sampling products with a full lineup of benefits.

Streamline your monitoring program with solutions that deliver at every step of the process.

  • A variety of swabs, sponges, and bags used for sample collection.

    Know we’re always ready.

    Work more efficiently with reliable products that are always ready to go — right out of the box.

  • A gloved hand using a yellow 3M™ Environmental Scrub Sampler on the rain of a sink.

    Rely on our consistency.

    Standardize your sampling procedure from technician to technician and facility to facility with high-quality products.

  • A lab worker holding a test tube beside a microscope.

    Embrace our versatility.

    From contact to non-contact surfaces of processing areas, our products let you sample everywhere.

    Download the 3M™ Sample Collection Product Brochure


How to Use 3M™ Sample Collection Products

Choose intuitive and easy-to-use sampling products that help streamline your process from start to finish.

Looking for more instructions for the 3M™ Sample Collection Products?

Find instructional documents, videos and more.

Choosing a sampling device and neutralizing solution.

When determining which sampling device and neutralizing solution to use, it’s important to consider certain factors in your facility and testing process.

An icon of an award ribbon with a checkmark on it. An icon of a test tube filled with liquid. An icon of a checkmark. An icon of a clock with a circle rotating around it. An icon of a magnet with lines indicating magnetic pull. An icon of a dumbbell. An icon of small circles in a figure eight. An icon of a thermometer. An icon of an Erlenmeyer flask with liquid in it.

Feel confident you’re choosing validated sampling solutions.

3M™ Sample Testing Products have been real-world tested and proven to help deliver the results you're looking for in your sampling programs.

  • The AOAC® international logo with a microscope, Erlenmeyer flask, and book on it.
    AOAC® Performance Tested Method℠

    The 3M™ Environmental Scrub Sampler with 10mL Wide Spectrum Neutralizer is the first and only sample collection device and neutralizing solution to be granted the AOAC® Performance Tested Method℠ certification.


  • The USDA logo.
    USDA Validated

    3M™ Sponges have been validated by the USDA-FSIS for food contact and environmental swab samples (FSIS Directive 3/28/13).

A handbook on environmental monitoring and icons of bacteria, other micrscopic organisms, nuts, and swabs.

Environmental Monitoring Handbook

Access our comprehensive guide, developed in partnership with Cornell University and other industry experts.

Download handbook (US, English only)

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