A group of 3Mgives volunteers shows off the donations from the 2017 Backpack Drive.


Investing our resources. Investing ourselves.

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    3Mgives - Who are we?

    3Mgives is a foundation lead by the 3M Company that strives to create sustainable communities and improve lives through thoughtful engagement and social investments. Founded in 1953, 3Mgives has contributed $1.45 billion and counting to community partners around the world.

3Mgives Canada delivers results by partnering with initiatives that provide support and relief to our nation’s communities.

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    Our efforts are also found in the communities that we work and live in with local support. 
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    We invest our resources to create meaningful impact.
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    We invest ourselves to improve lives.

3M continues to help improve lives in our communities around the world through financial investments in education, community and the environment and through the thoughtful engagement of 3Mers. Learn more about 3Mgives in the annual report.


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Find out if your cause is eligible to receive support from 3Mgives Canada

Find out if your cause is eligible to receive support from 3Mgives Canada

Non-profit guidelines

3Mgives Canada drives positive change in our three sectors.

  • Elementary students conducting scientific experiments with the help of 3Mgives Canada.


    3Mgives Canada provides our students with the opportunity to develop a passion and interest for STEM and business. We support initiatives that help build equal and diverse leaders of tomorrow. 

    Learn more about our partners in education

  • A team of 3Mgives volunteers supporting their local community at a food drive.


    3Mgives Canada invests in equal opportunity for all communities. We work to improve quality of life by providing access to enhanced living standards, opportunities in the arts and youth-centred local programming. We also support humanitarian relief efforts across Canada. 

    Learn more about our community investments 

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    3Mgives Canada fosters sustainable communities through important partnerships. We envision a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

    Learn more about our environmental initiatives


A 3Mgives volunteer working on a farm abroad.

3M Impact: Global outreach, local minds.

Two immersive weeks. One 3M heart. Our 3M Impact program is centred around the solutions-oriented minds of our employees across the world.

In partnership with PYXERA Global (US, English), multiple teams of 3Mers travel the world to communities and collaborate with local non-profit organizations, government agencies and social enterprises to help solve environmental and social issues. For two weeks, our 3Mers utilize their honed skills to create lasting action plans that will continue to drive change long after their time on-site.