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3Mgives volunteers celebrating a successful food drive.

Uplifting vibrant communities

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3Mgives Canada invests in equal opportunity. We work to help improve quality of life by providing access to enhanced living standards, opportunities in the arts and youth-centered local programming. We also support humanitarian relief efforts across Canada.

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Community highlights

  • Why we invest in community development

    We believe we have a responsibility to, “do good” in the communities where we live and work. 3M’s Liisa Sheldrick shares why. 


  • Why industry must invest in the leaders of tomorrow

    A greener, more sustainable future: why social innovation can’t happen unless we invest in sustainable development.

  • Entertainment media’s duty to make STEM cool again

    Moody, nerdy, reclusive: Shaftesbury Smokebomb’s Christina Jennings shares why media must change the scientist narrative and make STEM careers cool again.

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Our partners in community

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3Mgives Canada also supports

    • Canadian Red Cross
    • Food Banks Canada
    • The Salvation Army

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  • Find out if your cause is eligible for support from 3Mgives Canada.

    Non-profit guidelines

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