3Mgives volunteers celebrating a successful food drive.

Uplifting vibrant communities

3Mgives Canada invests in equal opportunity. We work to help improve quality of life by providing access to enhanced living standards, opportunities in the arts and youth-centered local programming. We also support humanitarian relief efforts across Canada.

Community highlights

  • Why we invest in community development

    We believe we have a responsibility to, “do good” in the communities where we live and work. 3M’s Liisa Sheldrick shares why. 


  • Why industry must invest in the leaders of tomorrow

    A greener, more sustainable future: why social innovation can’t happen unless we invest in sustainable development.

  • Entertainment media’s duty to make STEM cool again

    Moody, nerdy, reclusive: Shaftesbury Smokebomb’s Christina Jennings shares why media must change the scientist narrative and make STEM careers cool again.

Our partners in community

3Mgives Canada also supports

    • Canadian Red Cross
    • Food Banks Canada
    • The Salvation Army

  • Find out if your cause is eligible for support from 3Mgives Canada.

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