A group of 3Mgives Volunteers pose together wearing Western-style accessories.

Non-profit guidelines


Though we appreciate your community contributions, please note that requests outside of these focus areas will not be considered.
  • The following requesters are not eligible for 3Mgives Canada support:

    • For-profit organizations
    • Disease-related organizations
    • Health-care organizations (nursing homes, clinics or hospitals)
    • Religious organizations
    • Fraternal, sorority or socially inclined organizations
    • Individuals
    • Organizations outside of Canada

    The following events will not be considered for 3Mgives Canada support:

    • Travel
    • Athletics
    • Legislative lobbying efforts
    • Political rallies or affiliations 
    • Endowments
    • Playground funding
    • Workshops, seminars or conferences
    • Media productions

3Mgives Canada is dedicated to investment in our three focus areas:

New sponsorship request applications are not currently being accepted by 3Mgives Canada.