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Non-profit guidelines

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Though we appreciate your community contributions, please note that requests outside of these focus areas will not be considered.
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  • The following requesters are not eligible for 3Mgives Canada support:

    • For-profit organizations
    • Disease-related organizations
    • Health-care organizations (nursing homes, clinics or hospitals)
    • Religious organizations
    • Fraternal, sorority or socially inclined organizations
    • Individuals
    • Organizations outside of Canada

    The following events will not be considered for 3Mgives Canada support:

    • Travel
    • Athletics
    • Legislative lobbying efforts
    • Political rallies or affiliations 
    • Endowments
    • Playground funding
    • Workshops, seminars or conferences
    • Media productions
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3Mgives Canada is dedicated to investment in our three focus areas:

  • Education

  • Community

  • Environment

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New sponsorship request applications are not currently being accepted by 3Mgives Canada.

If you believe your cause is eligible for support from 3Mgives Canada, please click here to be directed to our application form.

Please allow four to six weeks for an application response.

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