1. 3M™ Silver Grinding Wheels

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An unbeatable combination of performance and value

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Sparks flying from 3M™ Silver Grinding wheels

Grind without compromise

Premium performance in a value-packed wheel – made possible by 3M precision-shaped grain technology.

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A cut above the rest

3M™ Silver Grinding Wheels represent a new class of abrasives – powered by the legendary speed and long life of 3M precision-shaped grain. They are an ideal choice for applications like weld removal, beveling, edge chamfering and more – offering a faster cut and longer life than aluminum oxide and alumina zirconia (AZ).*

The science of precision-shaped grain

  • precision shaped grain


  • 3M precision-shaped grain uses 3M microreplication technology to form sharp peaks that easily “slice” through metal—cutting cooler, faster and lasting longer than conventional abrasive grain.*

  • conventional ceramic abrasive grain
  • Conventional ceramic abrasive grain tends to "plow" through the metal, causing heat to build up in the workpiece and the abrasive—resulting in a slower cut and a shorter disc life.*

* Data available on internal file.

Front view of 3M™ Silver Depressed Center Grinding Wheels

3M™ Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheels

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Experience the long life and speed of 3M’s precision-shaped grain technology in an innovative bonded wheel construction designed for everyday high performance.

Bonded wheel product comparisons

Speed and Durability rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 stars being the best.

Total abrasive spend per job rated by number of $ signs, $ being the least expensive and $$$ being the most expensive.

  • Aluminum oxide

    Durability: ✶ ✶

    Speed of cut:

    Contaminent-free for stainless/inox††: varies

    Mineral: aluminum oxide

    Total abrasive spend per job: $ $ $

  • Alumina zirconia

    Durability: ✶ ✶ ✶

    Speed of cut: ✶ ✶

    Contaminent-free for stainless/inox††: varies

    Mineral: alumina zirconia

    Total abrasive spend per job: $ $

  • Silver

    Durability: ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

    Speed of cut: ✶ ✶ ✶

    Contaminent-free for stainless/inox††: yes

    Mineral: ceramic blend precision-shaped grain

    Total abrasive spend per job: $

† Data available on internal file. Results may vary.

†† Contains less than 0.1% Fe, S and Cl. Data available on internal file.

Tech tip – Powering up for performance

  • Depressed Centre Grinding Wheels perform better the faster they run, so having a tool able to maintain speed is crucial.
  • The higher the tool power, the easier it can maintain speed, resulting in faster cut time and longer wheel life.
  • When the tool speed decreases, wheel wear typically increases.
  • Do NOT exceed the maximum operating speed listed on the wheel!
Front view of 3M™ Silver Cut-off Wheels

3M™ Silver Cut-off Wheels

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The 3M™ Silver Cut-off Wheels are premium performance, affordable wheels designed for everyday use. Featuring 3M precision-shaped grain technology, these innovative wheels cut cool, to deliver fast, smooth cutting action on all types of ferrous metals, stainless steels and alloy steels.

  • Clock vector image with 28% number with red background

    3M™ Silver Cut-off Wheels cut up to twenty-eight percent faster than competitors.*

  • Vector image of Stack of Grinidng wheels written 2X

    3M™ Silver Cut-off Wheels experience less wear and tear and last up to two times longer than competitors.*

Tech tip – Size matters

Wheel thickness affects wheel performance. The thicker the wheel, the longer the life and the slower the cut rate. When cutting thicker material, use a thicker and larger diameter wheel to maximize wheel life. Thinner wheels cut faster and wear faster. They also work better on thin gauge materials.

* Data available on internal file.

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Front view of two overlapping 3M™ Silver Grinding Wheels

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For an even faster cut rate, try 3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasives.

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