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 Family shot of 6 different 3M Medical Tapes

Medical tapes

Medical tapes are not created equal. Different conditions call for specific adhesive requirements based on the state of the skin. Clinicians appreciate having a wide variety of  reliable, consistent tapes to use.


3M medical tapes can help, from offering gentle options for sensitive skin to tapes with stronger adhesion for critical securement.

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3M Medical delivers innovative, proven solutions to help with infection prevention and treatment of critical conditions in acute settings and chronic conditions across the continuum of care—from hospitals and clinics all the way to the home. Explore some of the key 3M brands like Tegaderm™, Cavilon™ and Curos™ and products like medical tapes, dressings and devices that help deliver comfortable, effective care you can count on.

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Medical solutions

Help improve patient outcomes across the continuum of care with 3M products.

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Medical products

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