Dialysis center

Securing dialysis catheters to patients - without causing skin problems - can be a challenge.
Help prevent complications by properly securing dialysis catheters with high strength, light weight dressings designed with specialty borders to reduce dressing lift that can occur with movement.

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General patient care

Your patients look to you for help. When you need the best possible solution for your patients, use medical tapes, adhesive skin closures, barrier creams and dressings proven to work.
Helping you make your job easier, while protecting your patients.

Home care

Patients are patients no matter where you treat them. From the hospital to the home, you strive to provide the best quality care. Help keep your patients safe by ensuring you use the best medical tapes, and wound and skin care products.

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I.V. therapy

Successful intravenous therapy requires confidence that the line will remain securely in the vein and the insertion site free from infection.
To give you confidence, our comprehensive range of 3M™ Tegaderm™ I.V. Dressings provides simplicity of I.V. application, security of intravenous fixation and site protection - all supported by clinical evidence.

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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

In the worst of situations you require products that work and you can rely on.
In the critical care environment, your patients count on you to care for them when they are significantly compromised. While you worry about your patient, let us take some of the worry away when caring for your patient by making securement dressings and tapes you can trust.

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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU)

Newborn skin is delicate and needs extra care and attention. To provide the best care you need to make sure I.V. securement is the right size. 3M makes it easy with our variety of dressing sizes to fit your growing patients.


Your patients are already experiencing discomfort from a compromised and weak immune system. The last thing your patients need to worry about is skin complications at their I.V. site. With the right tools, you can help them limit the discomfort and pain your patients feel. Take every precaution to help reduce the risk of I.V. site and skin complications and improve patient comfort.

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