How to use

Easy-to-use application system for best results

  • animated picture of gloved hand cleaning wound area with wipe

    Step 1. Clean and dry skin 2" (5 cm) around wound.

  • animated picture of gloved hand removing Steri-Strip from package

    Step 2. Peel back package tabs to access the sterile Steri-Strip closures.

  • animated picture of gloved hand pulling Steri-Strip away with twizzers

    Step 3. Remove and bend card at end perforation and gently remove tab.

  • animated picture of gloved hand starting to place Steri-Strip over wound

    Step 4. Grasp end of skin closure with forceps or gloved hand; lift straight upward (90 degree angle)

  • animated picture of gloved hand starting to place Steri-Strip over wound

    Step 5. Steri-Strip closures must be applied without tension. Do not stretch or "strap" Steri-Strip closures. Apply one-half of first Steri-Strip closure to wound margin and press firmly in place.

  • animated picture of 5 Steri-Strips (3 horizontal and 2 vertical) over wound

    Step 7. The rest of the wound should be closed with additional Steri-Strip closures spaced approximately 1/8 inch (3 mm)

  • animated picture of 3 Steri-Strips over wound

    Step 6. Using fingers or forceps pull skin edges as closely as possible. Press free half of  Steri-Strip closure firmly on other side of wound.

Skin closure removal


1.  Remove cross stays and gently grasp and loosen end of 3M™ Steri-Strip™ closure.


2.  Hold the skin with one finger and remove Steri-Strip closure "low and slow" towards wound, keeping it close to skin surface and pulled back over itself.


3. Continue moving finger as necessary, supporting newly exposed skin. When both sides of the Steri-Strip closure are completely loosened, lift strip up from center of wound.

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