Family shot of box, inner package and outside package of 3M™ Steri-Strip Closures (Reinforced R1546_R1547)
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3M™ Steri-Strip™ Adhesive Skin Closures

3M Steri-Strip™ Adhesive Skin Closures are versatile adhesive bandage strips used to close small wounds. All Steri-Strip Closures are breathable and sterile; they increase tensile strength of the wound, and lead to less tissue trauma and better cosmetic outcomes compared to sutures and staples1.

When to use 3M Steri-Strip™ Skin Closures

  • 1.
    A primary wound closure device; from surgical incisions to fresh low-tension lacerations
  • 2.
    A secondary wound closure to reinforce after early suture or staple removal
  • 3.
    An additional wound closure together with suture or staple closures
  • animated picture of gloved hand cleaning wound area with wipe

    Step 1.

    Clean and dry skin 2" (5cm) around wound.

  • animated picture of gloved hand removing Steri-Strip from package

    Step 2.

    ​Peel back package tabs to access the sterile Steri-Strip™ closures.

  • animated picture of gloved hands pulling Steri-Strip away with twizzers

    Step 3.

    Remove and bend card at end perforation and gently remove tab.

  • animated picture of gloved hand starting to place Steri-Strip over wound

    Step 4.

    Grasp end of skin closure with forceps or gloved hand; lift straight upward (90 degree angle).

  • aniamted picture of gloved hand starting to place Steri-Strip over wound

    Step 5.

    ​Steri-Strip closures must be applied without tension. Do not stretch or "strap" Steri-Strip closures. Apply one-half of first Steri-Strip closure to wound margin and press firmly in place.

  • animated picture of 3 Steri-Strips over wound

    Step 6.

    ​Using fingers or forceps pull skin edges as closely as possible. Press free half of Steri-Strip closure firmly on other side of wound.

  • animated picture of 5 Steri-Strips (3 horizontal and 2 vertical) over wound

    Step 7.

    The rest of the wound should be closed with additional Steri-Strip closures spaced approximately 1/8 inch (3mm) apart

Skin Closure Removal

  • 1.
    Remove cross stays and gently grasp and loosen ends of 3M™ Steri-Strip™ closure.
  • 2.
    Hold the skin with one finger and remove Steri-Strip closure "low and slow" towards wound, keeping it close to skin surface and pulled back over itself.
  • 3.
    Continue moving finger as necessary, supporting newly exposed skin. When both sides of the Steri-Strip closure are completely loosened, lift strip up from center of wound.

1. Pepicello J, Yavorek H; Five year experience with tape closure of abdominal wounds. Surgery Gynecology and Obsterics, 1989, 169(4); 310-314.

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