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When you’re dealing with surgical site infections you can’t leave it to chance – you need hard facts.

  • Preparation solution applied to a person's arm.
  • Why choose 3M™ SoluPrep™ Skin Antiseptic Products?

    • The first and only skin antiseptics authorized for professional healthcare use.¹,²
    • Used by healthcare professionals over 1 billion times.³
    • Is the Canadian market leader⁴ and offers a range of formats and formulations.

    Preoperative skin antiseptics should, per recommendations5

    • Significantly reduce microorganisms on intact skin
    • Be non-irritating to the skin
    • Be broad spectrum
    • Be fast acting
    • Have a persistent effect
    • Remain effective in the presence of organic material
    • Be cost effective

1. As of January 1, 2017, in the Health Canada Drug Product Database.

2. Health Canada Guidance Document: Human-Use Antiseptic Drugs, Ottawa, 2009/11/27.

3. 4. Based on 3M™ SoluPrep™ sales data

5. Prevent Surgical Site Infections, Canadian Patient Safety Institute. Retrieved from


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