Une charge placée dans un stérilisateur GS8 Steri-Vac 3MMC

Sterilization and device reprocessing

Putting confidence in your hands

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  • Sterilization process monitoring

    Solutions to support the Medical Device Reprocessing Departments (MDRD) have increased demands and challenges while maintaining policies and procedures to help reduce the risks of surgical site infections and improve patient safety.

  • Clean monitoring solutions

    Currently, there is no standard to define when a device is “clean,” but the 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Monitoring System is a reliable, full solution that provides real-time pass/fail, quantitative data and reporting. Know with confidence that it's clean.

  • Surface disinfectant solutions

    Clean and disinfect for a healthier living with the 3-minute, ready-to-use sanitizer solution for use in hospitals, medical and surgical centres where the control of cross-contamination is important.

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