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Ethylene oxide sterilization

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3M has a wide range of products for monitoring the results of every step of the low temperature sterilization process, from exposure monitoring, to record keeping. In fact, over half of all heat- or moisture-sensitive devices (including sterile single-use devices made by manufacturers) are sterilized with ethylene oxide.

Steri-Vac Sterilizers can help meet the challenges of modern sterile processing departments and provide excellent value through high efficacy, excellent materials compatibility, low cost-in-use, and a sterilant with an advanced ability to penetrate tight spaces and complex instrument configurations.

Steps for ethylene oxide device sterilization monitoring

  • Load monitoring

    A load is monitored and released based on the final negative result of a Biological Indicator (BI) in a Process Challenge Device (PCD). According to the CSA Z314.23-16 standard, a BI is required daily for each ethylene oxide sterilizer and cycle type used, as well as in every load that contains an implant. Only a BI can detect the actual killing of microbial spores inside the sterilizer.

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  • Pack monitoring

    Products verify whether a sterilant has penetrated to the point where the Chemical Indicator (CI) was placed in the pack. These are designed to react to the critical variables for ethylene oxide: time, temperature, ethylene oxide concentration and humidity.

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  • Record keeping

    A good system of records provides documentation that items have been processed, along with evidence of your ethylene oxide monitoring results. 3M™ Record Keeping Products provide a permanent record to help you meet your requirements.

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Person using a stylus pen operating the 3M(TM) Steri-Vac(TM) GS8X

3M™ Steri-Vac™ Sterilizer/Aerators GS Series

Monitor Ethylene Oxide sterilization cycles with biological indicators and chemical indicators as part of your sterilization assurance program.

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