Application instructions

Person cleaning the skin where the electrode will be placed

Prepare the skin. Application sites must be clean, dry, and free of any body lotions. Cleaning with isopropyl alcohol should be avoided or limited to situations in which electrode adhesion is an issue (exessively oily or lotion covered skin). If alchohol is used, allow it to dry prior to electrode application.

Person making an X on the skin wtith the abrader

Excessive hair at the site should be removed by clipping. Gently abrade the skin on the back of some electrode (blue strip or gray disc) or 3M™ Red Dot™ Trace Prep. Make an X on the skin with the abrader. Apply the electrode and then gently rub around the electrode to set the pressure sensitive adhesive.

Person applying the electrode to the patients shoulder

Apply the electrode. If using snap connection leadwires, connect the leadwires to the electrodes onto the patient. Avoid pressing on the stud when the electrode is on the patient. After placing the electrode on the patient, round your finger around the front label to activate the pressure sensitive adhesive.

Removal instructions

Person removing the electrode

Remove. In order to remove, loosen one side of the electrode. Grasping the full width of the electrode, slowly and gently pull it back over itself.

Electrodes should be removed in the direction of hair growth whenever possible. Keep the electrode close to the skin surface as you pull it back, and support the skin immediately adjacent to the adhesive being removed.

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