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Vapourized hydrogen peroxide device reprocessing

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Twenty-four minute results with the 3M™ Attest™ Rapid Readout Biological Indicator System for Vapourized Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization gives you the information you need when there is still time to act. It’s speed that can give you time to alert surgical personnel while a patient is still in the OR, or enough time to stop an instrument set from being used at all.

Steps for vapourized hydrogen peroxide sterilization monitoring

  • Load monitoring

    A load is monitored and released based on the final negative result of a Biological Indicator (BI). According to the CSA Z314.23-16 standard, a BI is required daily for each vapourized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer and cycle type used, as well as in every load that contains an implant. Only a BI can detect the actual killing of microbial spores inside the sterilizer.

  • Pack monitoring

    Products verify whether a sterilant has penetrated to the point where the Chemical Indicator (CI) was placed in the pack. They are designed to react to two or more of the variables required for sterilization to occur. For vapourized hydrogen peroxide sterilization, the critical variables are time, temperature and the presence of vapourized hydrogen peroxide.

  • Exposure monitoring

    Products allow anyone to see at a glance whether packs have been exposed to the sterilization process. Usually consisting of tapes or labels, these Process Indicators undergo a colour change when exposed to the sterilant. As the “adhesive company”, 3M created pressure-sensitive tapes that make our vapourized hydrogen peroxide indicator tapes excellent choices for reliable adhesion.

  • Record keeping

    A good system of records provides documentation that items have been processed, along with evidence of your monitoring results. 3M™ Record Keeping Products provide a permanent record to help you meet your requirements.


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