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The right medical tape matters

Skin is the body’s first line of defense against infection, which means protecting and maintaining the integrity of skin is critically important. The medical tapes you choose make a difference. However, improper use of medical tapes is more common than you might think, and may seriously impact clinical outcomes, cost targets and patient care. As medical adhesive experts, 3M is here to help make your tape choice simple and offer you the right medical tapes for your needs.

Secure dressings, catheters and other devices with 3M™ Medical Tapes, which are available with a variety of backings and levels of adhesion for your specific techniques and situations.

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A hand with an IV secured by medical tape.

Not sure which tape to use? Find out how you can help optimize your taping practices.

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The impact of choosing the right tape

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    Clinical impact

    Choosing a tape with too much or too little adhesion may result in patient discomfort, device or tube dislodgement, or Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury (MARSI).

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    Cost impact

    Complications from excessive or insufficient adhesion, or infections from tape cross-contamination, may dramatically increase length of stay and facility costs.

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    Patient impact

    Complications from excessive or insufficient adhesion can lead to longer hospital stays, pain, increased risk of infection, and delay healing — all of which can take a toll on the patient’s quality of life.


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