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Sterility Assurance and Monitoring

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With so much relying on your job well done, you need sterilization monitoring solutions you can depend on. You need assurance that sterilization is achieved consistently, quickly and effectively.

At 3M, we focus on the science behind sterilization, helping teams like yours to monitor sterilization efficacy. So, whatever sterilization modalities you're working with, we're here to support you.

We can also work with your team to support them with ongoing education, clinical and tech services, a helpline, account managers and more. We have 50+ years of experience leading scientific innovation, including the first rapid biological indicators creation over 30 years ago and the first hydrogen peroxide multi-variable chemical indicator device in 2021. Our track record shows we provide world-class, consistently reliable monitoring solutions.*

3M monitoring solutions are trusted, reliable and versatile. Just like you.

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    Education Resources

    Continuous learning with convenient and relevant training is top of mind for sterile processing managers and technicians. Get real-world advice, backed by science, from industry experts.

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    Identifying Areas of Potential Infection Risk

    3M is here to support you with holistic, science- and evidence-based solutions, guidelines, best practices, and staff education to help you reduce the risk of infection complications and minimize inefficiencies in many areas that support your ongoing healthcare-associated Infections (HAI) efforts.

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