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3M understands the challenges you face in instrument reprocessing. We’re a global leader in the manufacture, supply and continuing innovation of biological and chemical indicators for sterilization monitoring. We have led the way in developing new technologies and techniques. This includes a comprehensive portfolio of products, services and expertise to help you maintain the highest sterilization standards.

Steps for steam sterilization monitoring

  • Find out whether or not your sterilizer is doing its job properly. To monitor vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers, you begin each day with a Bowie-Dick (B&D) type test to detect air leaks, inadequate air removal, inadequate steam penetration and the presence of non-condensable gases, any of which can compromise sterility.


  • A load is monitored and released based on the final negative result of a Biological Indicator (BI) in a Process Challenge Device (PCD). According to the CSA Z314.3-14 standard, a BI is required daily for each steam sterilizer and cycle type used, as well as in every load that contains an implant. Only a BI can detect the actual killing of microbial spores inside the sterilizer. 


  • Products verify whether a sterilant has penetrated to the point where the Chemical Indicator (CI) was placed in the pack. These Type 4, 5 or 6 CIs are designed to react to two or more of the critical variables required for sterilization to occur—for steam sterilization, the critical variables are time, temperature and the presence of steam.


  • Products allow anyone to see at a glance whether packs have been exposed to the sterilization process. Usually consisting of tapes or labels, these ISO Type 1 Process Indicators undergo a colour change when exposed to the sterilant. As the “adhesive company”, 3M created pressure-sensitive tapes that make 3M indicator tapes excellent choices for reliable adhesion.


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